The “ BananaPillow“ is produced in Münster in NRW - fabrics, filling, labels and packaging are supplied by traditional companies from Germany. Short delivery routes are as important to us as fair wages for the people who produce our products. That is why we produce together with Andrea. She has already learned how to love sewing as a little girl from her dad and leads production in the second generation.
As the son of a midwife, Julian from Germany was surrounded by nursing pillows. In the home country of Fátima, El Salvador, a baby is almost always breastfeeded. Interestingly, maternity pillows are still not common in El Salvador - but bananas are. With this paradox, the idea began to develop a new pillow that is loved by the whole family.
As a result, we have developed a special pillow that will be your most comfortable accessory at home - during pregnancy, as a freshly baked parent and - most importantly - when the kids get older, the:
During pregnancy the “BananaPillow“ is suitable as a side cushion and relief cushion (also for becoming papas). After birth, it can be used for all sitting positions, as well as a sofa cushions. In the infant phase it is used for first crawling and sitting tests or as a cuddle cushion. As a sitting cushion it will help your little one's to have first first walking tests. The simple design fits in every living room.
Unique with the BananaPillow: Each nursing pillow comes in your own high-quality cotton bag to your home. This allows the nursing pad to be stored at home or taken on a journey. In addition, the pillow becomes a unique gift for future parents.
The ergonomically shaped ``BananaPillow`` relieves your spine during sleep and helps to prevent tension on the back muscles. During breastfeeding, the high-quality filling acts pressure-balancing, it optimally adapts to the baby's posture and posture. Thus the arms, shoulder and neck muscles are relieved as well as possible. The cuddly soft Nicki-cotton fabric offers maximum comfort and comfort.
For the outer, cozy, soft Nicky cotton cover and the cotton inplay, we used cotton with OEKO-TEX® standard 100. The soft, with 60 ° C washable cushion cover is of highest quality and tear resistant. The filling can be reduced, exchanged or filled easily with a zipper on the inside.
THE FILLING - TÜV-Tested or Pure Nature
We will fill the pillow individually for you. You can choose between spelt or EPS micro beads. Both are harmless for a pleasant and natural sleep.
1) EPS microbeads with TOXPROOF® certificate from TÜV: This filling is our recommendation. It is quiet and especially suitable for people with allergies (allergic persons). The high durability, the low weight of 1-2 kg and the suppleness make this filling ideal for daily use. The filling is produced in Germany not far from Münster and has been heated for several days, so that all toxic odors escape from the material - hence the name TOXPROOF®. This filling is of the highest quality and is usually only used in hospitals - just as you would like to have a pillow with the best quality for our little ones.
B) Dinkelspelz: The natural filling is respiratory active and offers a good heat exchange. The weight of 4-5kg is useful when used as a storage pillow.
Your Own Original BananaPillow® in Grey - Get It Now
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